We need to protect water, air, and land for future generations and for the economic sustainability of our state.

As a desert-dweller, I recognize that water is a very precious resource. The Groundwater Management Act of 1980 was an innovative piece of legislation that required conservation of groundwater in five high-use areas of the state. Last year we passed the Drought Contingency Plan which was an agreement with the other Colorado River Basin states. Our work is not done.  We must continue to work on water policy to ensure we have adequate clean water in the future.

We must also focus on clean air. Particle pollution and ozone levels in our cities need to be reduced - Maricopa County currently has an ‘F’ from the American Lung Association for high particulate matter pollution. The reduced pollution many cities experienced following COVID-19 stay-at-home orders shows bold actions could make significant improvements to our air quality. 

With more sunshine than any other state in the nation, Arizona has the potential to be the leading state in the nation for clean energy and solar power. Our economy can benefit greatly from high-paying jobs in the solar industry as well as the money saved by residents and businesses from the use of solar power.

I am very proud in my first term to have received an ‘A’ grade from the Sierra Club - Grand Canyon for my voting record, but as a teacher and a believer in lifelong learning, I know there is so much more I can learn about how we can protect our environment. I therefore welcome chances to learn from experts in their fields as well as listen to those whose lives are affected by our actions. 

I'd like to respectfully acknowledge, and thank the Tohono O'odham Nation, upon whose traditional land LD17 resides. I know I can learn much from the traditional stewards of this land.

When re-elected I am looking forward to actively working with colleagues who are introducing climate legislation and funding for environmental programs. 

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