Nobody should go bankrupt because they’re sick.

Healthcare is often top-of-mind, but it is even more so as we face COVID-19, and people are losing their jobs and their health insurance. Here in Arizona, we already had a  large population of seniors and children living in poverty, many of whom rely on Medicare, AHCCCS, or Kids Care. We should be thoughtful and proactive to ensure that the working poor has access to healthcare. One bill that has been in the works for a while is allowing dental care for pregnant moms on AHCCCS-this would make a huge impact on the mother’s health.

I will fight to protect Arizonans’ access to quality, affordable health care—especially our most vulnerable. I will work to protect the right to basic coverage, like emergency services and maternity care. During the 54th Legislature, I supported a bill that protects individuals with pre-existing conditions. I also supported Association Health Plans as a cost-effective way for small businesses to provide health care coverage for their employees.

We must also encourage preventive care, so that small problems don’t become worse. We must equip people to make smart choices about their own health and well-being.

The cost of prescription drugs-even with health insurance-has become too high for some individuals. Specifically, the cost of a vial of insulin is outrageous. I am hopeful that this is an area we can work on in the upcoming year.

Smart, targeted reforms like these will help make coverage affordable and accessible for individuals and small businesses alike. It’s all about striking a smart balance between promoting personal responsibility, and protecting those who need the most help.

Finally, we should recognize that many of our rural communities and tribal nations are lacking medical providers. This may be reconciled with programs that allow loan forgiveness for new medical professionals who work in remote areas. Allowing telemedicine (after the Executive Order expires) may also be a solution that should be considered.

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