Nobody should have to go bankrupt because they’re sick.

The healthcare debate has escalated dramatically over the past year and it is a critical challenge facing many Arizona families and small businesses. It’s especially important to states like Arizona with our large population of seniors and kids living in poverty, many of whom rely on Medicaid.

If the federal government places a greater burden on states to shape healthcare policy I will fight to protect Arizonans’ access to quality, affordable health care—especially our most vulnerable. This includes protecting those who suffer from pre-existing conditions from the dangers of skyrocketing premiums and discrimination by insurers. I will work to protect the right to basic coverage, like emergency services and maternity care.

Of course, any policy can be improved. And I support common sense ideas like negotiating lower drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. 

We must also provide people with better preventive care, so that small problems don’t become worse. We must equip them to make smart choices about their own health and well-being, and their insurance coverage.

Smart, targeted reforms like these will help make coverage affordable and accessible for individuals and small businesses alike. It’s all about striking a smart balance between promoting personal responsibility, and protecting those who need the most help.

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